Boys water polo loses to Fremont High School 16-8 – El Estoque

The Matadors lose for the second time, bringing their overall record to 4-2


Dapan Singh

Senior and Attacker King Royce aims to fire at FHS targets.

On Thursday, September 9, the varsity men’s water polo team lost 16-8 to Fremont High School. 22. Sophomore, winger Irving Bowe had high hopes for the team going into the game, but the team struggled to score in the first and second quarters, going 9-3 at halftime. After halftime, MVHS had a strong momentum and scored two points in a row, but FHS fought back strongly in the fourth quarter to seal the victory with 8 points.

Forward-attacker Kington Duong said the loss came as a surprise to team members, who had beaten Fremont twice in the previous year. He blamed the loss on a poor start and poor defense.

“I think we left some of our defenses open and they were able to make easy counter-attacks that should have been stopped,” Duong said. “The turnover in the first quarter was too big to catch up to win the game.”

Pow agreed with Duong and said the team lacked defensive effort.

“They had a couple of players that we ignored and they punished us for that,” Bowe said. “In the second half, we picked up the pace, [but our mistakes] take [the momentum] leave. “

Although Duong said it was a disappointing loss for the team, Duong pointed to its “ability to make adjustments” during the game and believes the team can learn and improve from the defeat.

“We want to come back stronger [and] Plan to review the film from this game and develop a defensive strategy,” Duong said.

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