Cat smells of Thanksgiving gift after being rescued from suitcase by TSA

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(CNN) — As it turns out, this cat has a lot to be thankful for.

First, he saw the silhouette of the poor feline in a suitcase while going through airport X-ray security in early November, when TSA officials made news about it.

The ginger cat – who had apparently sneaked into a suitcase filled with bottles, wine glasses and a pair of flip-flops – was fortunately unharmed.

Now, Smells is in favor after the ordeal.

The TSA posted a tweet earlier this week showing Smells sitting in front of a delicious-looking Thanksgiving dinner.

The tweet reads: “Smells, the cat was recently rescued from @JFKairport’s checked luggage when it snuck into a suitcase trying to fly to Orlando, and spent Thanksgiving at home in Brooklyn Festival. Apparently, Smells was planning to chase a big mouse he heard was running around in Disneyland.”

That’s a pretty wide spread for Smells.

Not only did the cat get a main course of what appeared to be green beans and mashed potatoes with a generous serving of brown gravy, but also a nice glass of red wine.

However, Smells is portrayed as looking at the entire spread rather tentatively. Maybe Smells have an appetite for mice?

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