Check out the Samsung Premiere 8K during CES 2023

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An ultra-short-throw projector is an easy way to see the big picture in your home without having to install a big-screen TV. And because this type of projector sits just inches from the wall or screen and often has built-in speakers, it eliminates all the clutter of wires and devices in the room.

Samsung’s latest short-throw projector, the Premiere 8K ultra-short-throw projector, builds on the 2020 version, adding Dolby Atmos and doubling its 4K resolution. Yes, Premiere 8K is a splurge, but what gives us a second look is its combination of simplicity and power, almost 3D.

• product: Samsung premieres 8K
• Launch date: later this year
• Price: TBD (previous model starts at $6,500)
• Why it’s worth your attention: With 8K instead of 4K, you get incredible detail and an extremely bright, almost 3D-like image. Plus, it can project images up to 150 inches and requires no hardware to install—just place it on the floor or table at the appropriate distance.

An Ultra Short Throw Projector (UST) projects gorgeous images up to 150 inches from your wall or screen just inches instead of the traditional projector’s roughly 10 feet.

The Premiere 8K is a simple one-box box with high-end speakers built in – meaning it can double as a soundbar and/or surround sound system. Basically, you can put it on the floor and enjoy a complete high-end entertainment experience with ease.

The system goes a step further by adding Dolby Atmos. Plus, it comes preloaded with Samsung’s Smart TV OS, so you can get all your favorite streaming content from Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and more.

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Mike Andronico/CNN highlights

Of course, aside from the extra 20-inch projected image size, the real news here is the 8K resolution — four times the 4K resolution of the 2020 version of Premiere.

When Samsung looped it on the 150-inch screen, the footage looked stunning, almost 3D, but it’s important to note that 8K content is still not widely available. So when the projector automatically converts all 4K content to 8K, all those extra pixels just help everything look better. But if you’re going to spend your money on expensive equipment, it only makes sense to future-proof your investment. There is no doubt that 8K content is coming, it is only a matter of time.

With projection screen sizes up to 150 inches, a built-in high-end audio system, and 8K resolution, the Samsung Premiere 8K is a real contender if you’re considering an ultra-short throw projector. No word from Samsung on pricing (we asked!), but we think it’ll be on top of the current Premiere’s $3,500 price tag.

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