Fashion icon Jenna Lyons shares her 10 beauty and fashion essentials

Jenna Lyons is a force in the fashion world. The designer and creative generator best known for building J.Crew into one of the most coveted brands in the country is equally lauded for his own signature style. Classic and twist, offset by a bold red lip. Now that she’s alone, Lyons has penetrated the beauty world with the launch of her own eyelash brand, LoveSeen, just launched a lipstick line with Beauty Pie, and stepped into the camera to let us know her style secrets on the new HBO show “with Jenna.” Lyons Fashion Together”. She was recently announced to be part of season 14 of the Bravo show The Real Housewives of New York.

CNN Underscored spoke with Lyons to find out about her fashion and beauty essentials.

a red lipstick

“I never leave home without red lips. I just did a lipstick collaboration with Marcia Kilgore from Beauty Pie. There are eight shades, mine is ‘Jenna’ our orange-red. We call the collection Unlipstick because it’s different Better than any other lipstick on the market. When it first started, it was so sheer and so conditioning, it really did add more layers of intensity, but not in an old-fashioned loadout. The lipstick has an understated wicking finish , so they look very modern, and you can keep them soft and blurry, or use a lip liner to make them more precise.”

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classic shirt

“I’m a little bit fascinated by something I buy repeatedly, and that’s the button-up shirt. I have a weird size, I have long arms, I’m a bit of a monkey, and I’m a bit narrow at the waist. So every year I go to Ascot Chang to do my shirts— — This is the best thing ever. They ask you to do four shirts at a time, so I always do two white, one blue and one stripe. I do a wide blue cross end to end Stripes and 300 singles white, it’s fancy, but I love it.”

mobile wallet case

“It’s funny but I don’t carry bags anymore. My favorite is my Amazon case wallet. It has my credit cards and keys and honestly it changed my life. You know I’m locked How many times? All my friends and I have keys because I often lock myself out. Then I bought a watch strap from Chaos Club [similar to this one on Amazon], so this is my new package. “

vintage jeans

“I’m also a pretty obsessive vintage jeans shopper. Vintage Levi’s is all I have; I don’t do stretching. I only buy older styles in any color, which fit better because I’m tall.”

Fake eyelashes

“I don’t have natural lashes, which inspired me to create my own lash brand, LoveSeen, because there wasn’t anything out there that I could actually wear. I loved wearing them; it was one of the things I started to do more and more. I Favorites are definitely Noor, Iris, and Cate. Ironically, mascara is number one. 1 Everything bought in the US is beautiful, but since I don’t have lashes, I’m not even on the table.”

iconic scent

“I’ve also never left the house without perfume. My perfume is Creed Silver Mountain Water; I wear it all the time. I try to change, but my son won’t let me. I think it’s the first time I smell it Fragrance, every time I hug someone and they say, ‘Oh, you smell so good,’ and somehow it’s become a thing. My son used to spray it on blankets when he was a kid.”

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facial scrub

“My skincare must-have is Beauty Pie Wonderscrub. I’m an exfoliator avid. I’m older, so if I don’t exfoliate, my skin looks dull. So I do it all the time – face and mine Whole body. It has an immediate impact.”

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aviator sunglasses

“My glasses are DITA. I worked with them because I’ve had glasses for a while and they’re great. I have the style of a flight 009 pilot.”

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shoes, glorious shoes

“I’m not the biggest shoe guy. I love, love, love the Nike x Sacai collaboration. I own almost every sneaker in every color. If you look in my wardrobe, you’ll see a lot of old Celine And Birkenstocks. They’re shearling, leather, suede, plastic. They’re in my car, under my bed, on the beach, everywhere.”

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cute swimsuit

“I have a house in Amagansett and I love gardening. I’m a California girl, so I usually do that in a swimsuit – I can’t help it. I love Left on Friday, I have bikinis, they’re cute. And Dos Gardenias, They do the hottest one-pieces, and they’re double-layered, so they wrap it all up.”

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