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Fremont Fritters
leave a worthwhile school

New Horizo​​​​ns School has provided Fremont children with an outstanding education since 1988. It offers small class sizes, individualized attention, a caring environment and a high level of academic instruction. Open from 6:30am to 6:30pm

In 2019, the school needed to move to the new location it found. It invested tens of thousands of dollars to meet Fremont’s approval requirements. In December 2020, the Municipal Planning Commission approved the plan.

But it’s not over yet. Fremont chained schools. Schools submit plans, and cities wait almost 90 days to respond — and make new, often trivial, demands. Costs go up; kids suffer.

Then the school found a great new building in Newark – and opened there in January. October 10, 2022.

Fremont lost New Horizons school. Our local government has failed working parents.

Dorit Rice

Foreman, Smith, Sturm
Lafayette School

Lafayette has great schools. As former Lafayette School Board members, Ann Appert, Judy Carney, Roger Falcone, David Gerson, Teresa Gerringer, Art Kapoor, Shayne Silva and I for our role in establishing and maintaining educational programs that support each student’s success proud.

Today, we support the following candidates for the Lafayette School Board. We believe they will ensure the continued excellence of our school and embody the values ​​of our community: Katy Foreman, Dave Smith and Rob Sturm.

They are knowledgeable about education issues and make outstanding contributions to our schools and communities. They will best represent our students, teachers, communities and districts. Lafayette deserves and needs school board members who will continue to bring our community together.

Mary McCosker

Scouting has developed
Inclusive Model

Reply. “Scouting is in deep trouble, but it is needed now more than ever,” page A6, September. twenty one:

Thank you, sir. Share your scouting adventures with plants. You’re right. The world needs more Eagle Scouts.

Since 1911, more than 2.5 million Scouts have earned the Eagle Scout designation. Many of us have become great humanitarians, serving humanity in various ways.

Scouting has evolved into a model for protecting youth, diversity, and inclusion—a moral compass for our next generation of heroes. With Unit 234, Moraga pioneered the Scout’s inclusion policy. In fact, President Biden calls these “guiding principles.”

Backpacks and militaries across America are really leading the way out of COVID and getting families back on the road.

Get instant access to troops or packs near you. Communities thrive where Boy Scouts thrive.

Mark Clifford

Law enforcement does not
Homeless Answers

Reply. “‘Homelessness’ has nothing to do with housing,” Letter to the Editor, page A6, September. twenty two:

The authors of this letter have displayed a staggering lack of understanding and empathy for the homeless.

Not all shelters are created equal. While many offer referrals or in-house treatment for addiction, not all homeless people are drug users. Many are staff members without permanent residence due to circumstances beyond their control. People I spoke to on the street said the shelter was one of the most unsafe places they had ever lived, citing theft and assault. While some people choose to live outdoors, the vast majority of homeless people do not want to live in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Law enforcement is not the answer, we have seen how it works. We desperately need more mental health services and affordable housing. I would urge this writer to go out into the street and look these people in the eyes. You cannot ignore this pain.

Christina Lolig

parliamentary system
Stable and reliable

Reply. “Queen Elizabeth Endowed the Monarchy with Dignity,” Letter to the Editor, pp. A6, September. twenty two:

As the letter writer Ramsingh Asnani so rightly pointed out, the late Queen Elizabeth II undeniably bestowed dignity on the monarchy (and Britain). However, I disagree with his assessment that the parliamentary system is volatile and “there is a risk of governance corruption”.

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