Right-wing parties gain 4 chairmanships in parliament

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STOCKHOLM (AP) — The right-wing populist party that won the second-most votes in Sweden’s general election last month won the chairs of four parliamentary committees on Saturday, allowing it to wield more influence in mainstream Swedish politics. force.

The Sweden Democrats MPs will hold positions that include chairing parliament’s justice, foreign affairs, business affairs and labour market committees.

“It’s important to us, it’s a milestone in the party’s history,” Richard Chomshof, the Sweden Democrats MP who was named the next chair of the judiciary committee, told Swedish public broadcaster SVT. “It shows that we are the second largest party in Sweden.”

In addition to the four chair positions, the party is also allowed to appoint vice-chairmen of the parliamentary committees on home affairs, transport, defence and taxation.

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The Sweden Democrats, a nationalist and anti-immigration party rooted in the neo-Nazi movement and part of a right-wing bloc, won a narrow majority in Sweden’s parliament on September 19. 11 elections.

The positions were announced in a joint statement on Friday by four centre-right parties that are in talks to form a coalition government. The Sweden Democrats were one of four to announce their nominees on Saturday.

Ulf Kristersson, leader of the centre-right moderate (the third-ranked party), has been tasked with forming a government that will likely have the Sweden Democrats as part of the governing coalition, or at least the The party’s support to secure a majority. parliament.

Christerson until October. On the 12th, he presented the results of his talks with political parties to parliament speaker Andreas Norlen.

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